Welcome to the website of the Later German Philosophy (LGP) project. The project is a scholarly initiative that aims to examine and critically debate the contribution made by German-speaking philosophers of the period 1860-1951 from three major perspectives: Philosophy (topics in Metaphysics, Ethics, Logic, Language, Wissenschaftstheorie, Politics, History of Science, Psychopathology, Aesthetics, Religion, Literature), Jewish Studies (topics in Jewish thought, Jewish history, and secular and religious conceptions of Judaism), and Germanic Studies (topics in style and rhetorics, as well as in the publication and reception in the Anglophone world of the works of the selected philosophers of the period). The available list of selected German-speaking philosophers is not exhaustive and will be reviewed as often as possible. The official languages of the LGP project are English and German. Levelheaded conduct and communication is expected and encouraged in all events organized within the project, as well as in all quarters of the website.  The ultimate responsibility for the intellectual life and quality of the LGP project is a shared one among the participants.  Suggestions and criticisms are very welcome. The LGP project events may be significantly spaced out.