Inaugural conference

The aim of the conference is to examine the philosophical systems developed
by German philosophers in the 1860-1951 period, and discuss their relevance
to contemporary analytical and continental philosophy. The focus is on
thinkers such as Max Scheler, Franz Brentano, Adolf Trendelenburg, Martin
Heidegger, Wilhelm Dilthey, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Cassirer and Hannah
Arendt. Their systems emerged out of dissatisfaction with Kant’s
transcendental idealism, and with German idealism, and offered a wealth of
original ideas in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind and
language, moral and political philosophy, anthropology, and philosophy of
culture and history.

While the conference is analytical in motivation and objective, it has also
an unique historical focus. We aim to establish with this conference a new
forum for philosophical studies to be known as Later German Philosophy
and which looks into the contemporary relevance of philosophical works produced during the 1860-1951 period, i.e.
a period marked by the deaths of two philosophers whose methods of inquiry
and argumentation marked respectively the end and the beginning of
significant philosophical traditions: Schopenhauer (1860) and Wittgenstein
(1951). The philosophers whose ideas and arguments the conference speakers
will consider are all Later German philosophers in this sense.

Research questions
* What alternative philosophical systems were developed in response to Kant
and the German idealists?
* How did the rise of the natural and historical sciences affect philosophy?
* How did the analytic-continental divide emerge? Can it be overcome? Does
the 1860-1951 period offer us new approaches to this questions?
* In which areas and what respect can contemporary philosophy benefit from
the ideas of the 1860-1951 thinkers?

Conference fee is £12 for non-students and £4.50 for students. Buffet lunch,coffee and cookies are included.

This conference is a non-profit event. To register, please email us first to ensure that spaces are still available, and, if so, please send a cheque for £12 or £4.50 to the following address:

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