Jewish Thinking

Many of the philosophers selected for the LGP project were Jews. Responsible and well-argued contribution is encouraged on the striking influence Kant’s aesthetic, ethical, and political ideas exerted on philosophers of the period 1860-1950 who either identified as Jews, or generally as Jewish thinkers at some point in their lives, or came to be identified as Jewish thinkersby future scholars.

The provisional list of Jewish thinkers selected for the LGP project reads as follows (they are also found in the ‘Philosophers’ page):  Theodor Adorno, Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Martin Buber, Ernst Cassirer, Hermann Cohen, Jonas Cohn, Erich Fromm, Max Horkheimer, Edmund Husserl, Hans Jonas, Richard Kroner, Edith Stein, Arthur Liebert, Otto Liebmann, Karl Loewith, Ernst Bloch, Ernst Marcus, Herbert Marcuse, Karl Marx, Leonhard Nelson, Karl Popper, Hans Reichenbach, Franz Rosenzweig, Max Scheler, Georg Simmel, Leo Strauss, Otto Weininger, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Topics to be addressed by the LGP project include: the universality of law; philosophical-secular assimilation and philosophical-religious assimilation; the language of “mythology” in Metaphysics: critics and advocates; the ethics and aesthetics of pictorial thinking; the moral and political worth of Aesthetics; ‘healthy’ and ‘sick’ forms of reasoning; the normativity of values and affects.

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